A Certified Health & Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor who has been in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industries for over 17 years.  

She is an energetic & fun-loving coach who is passionate about beautiful beaches, travel, kiteboarding & helping people live their healthiest and happiest lives.

She believes in you, even when you don’t!  When your actions aren’t in alignment with your goals, she is going to lovingly reign you in and remind you to respect yourself and your desires! -After all-achieving your desires is what will deliver you to personal freedom & happiness!  She knows this from personal experience, understands the process and inspiringly coaches it!

The foundation of her coaching is based in psychology, neuroscience, human behaviour, habit change and life experience.  She focuses on improving your brain & mood health first, so you can have the energy and peace of mind you need to do all the things you love.

She delivers results to her clients by helping them cut through the clutter and “Tune-in” with themselves and their needs so they can start leading healthy, wealthy, happy & whole lives.

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    Name:Tina Haskim

    Address: 6 William St. Parry Sound, ON
    Phone: 705.774.3970
    Speciality Certified Health & Life Coach

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