Jessica Simpson

Jessica graduated from the Canadian College of Osteopathy where she successfully completed her osteopathic training and defended her thesis. Upon graduation, she was also awarded the osteopathic spirit award. Jessica started her manual therapy career as a reiki practitioner, and found she wanted to expand her skill set to help her patients uncover the primary causes of dysfunction with an evidence based approach in her treatments. This expansion evolved into osteopathic manual therapy, breath coaching and mindfulness techniques.  

Jessica also recently completed advanced trainings in Pain Reprocessing Therapy to help empower patients who suffer from many chronic conditions including chronic pain and anxiety. Jessica is passionate about offering an integrated approach in her sessions to include both the mind and body to accentuate treatment success. Jessica offers gentle, effective mind-body therapy that will help uncover the root cause of your concern. She uses personalized, integrative treatment plans and techniques to address fear tension patterns which include breath work, mindfulness, and pain reprocessing, while also addressing areas of rigidity and hypo-mobility in a body approach with osteopathic manual therapy. The intent with this integrated treatment approach aims to restore and improve motion to the bodies many tissues and systems, while also addressing the mind to integrate psychological processes.

An initial appointment begins with a thorough assessment of your health history and presenting concerns. A personalized treatment plan is then established with the focus on the root causes of the aliment. Treatment includes gentle, non-invasive mind-body techniques to address the whole patient.

Jessica also addresses blocks in the energetic body with the use of reiki therapy.

A blended approach is utilized to integrate the whole patient, body, mind and spirit to liberate the infinite wellness of the patients true nature.

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Name:Jessica Simpson
Address: 6 William St. Parry Sound, ON
Phone: 519.865.7773
Speciality Osteopath
Categories: Osteopath

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