Jennifer Leigh Saunders

Jennifer Leigh Saunders is a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Creative Soul. She has found herself on an incredible journey of healing over the past five years, and has now stepped fully into her soul’s calling to serve humanity, and hold space for others on their own journeys towards self discovery, self love, and holistic healing. Her compassion for humanity, and her ability to love others without judgement, stems from her own experiences with healing childhood traumas. She has discovered a deep understanding that we as humans are so much more than the stories we often choose to tell ourselves. Jennifer believes in the magic, and importance of a meditation practice, as well as many other healing modalities in order to find the courage to uncover one’s true essence, and return our nervous systems into a state of peace. She is also a published Author, and is passionate about boldly and vulnerably sharing truth, in hopes of encouraging others to do the same, and in turn strengthening the bonds of human connection on a global scale. 

People Say

Jenn is an excellent Reiki Master. She helped me with exercises to stay calm ad centre myself.

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