Flora graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science – Honors Specialization in Kinesiology. From there she continued her academic journey with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the same alma mater. Flora has a passion for her studies and advocates continuing education. She thereby continues to expand her knowledge base in the orthopedic field with post-graduate courses in such fields as acupuncture, manual therapy, pelvic floor physical therapy, therapeutic taping and concussion management.

Flora’s approach to the provision of physical therapy services is focused on symptom management as well as restoration of optimal joint biomechanics and muscular balance for the prevention of injury recurrence. She strongly believes that it is not only imperative to strive for mitigation of symptoms, but to also address the underlying cause of a specific injury or symptom.  Flora utilizes a spectrum of manual therapy techniques as well as the principles of soft tissue release, passive stretching, exercise prescription, acupuncture and other pain-relief modalities to achieve these goals.

On a more personal level, Flora grew up a passionate athlete. She was both a competitive gymnast and coach for most of her adolescent life, and participated in a plethora of team and individual sports as a student. She enjoys the company of good friends and family, and tries her best to practice what she preaches with regard to a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a proud wife and mother, and believes strongly in the balance of work and play! You may see her at the park with her son Oliver, or jogging the salt dock trail (when the conditions allow!).

Controlled Acts (registered to perform through CPO):





Pelvic Floor Therapy Acupuncture Spinal Manipulation

Acupuncture Level I and II – Acupuncture Canada (formerly AFCI)

Kinesiotaping – Kinesio Level I

Orthotic Assessment and Casting – The Orthotic Group

Pelvic Floor Therapy – Pelvic Health Solutions Level I-III

Manual Therapy – CAMPT Level I-III

Concussion Management – Shift Level I

Hons. Specialization, BSc KIN (UWO 2007)

Master of Physical Therapy (UWO 2010)

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    Name:Flora Dunne

    Address: 6 William St. Parry Sound, ON

    Phone: 705.746.7107

    Speciality Physiotherapist
    Degree Hons. Specialization, BSc KIN, Master of Physical Therapy
    Categories: Physiotherapist

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