Amanda Scott

Amanda is all about finding the holistic balance for your body! She began holistic wellness coaching in 2013 and graduated Soins Infirmier Auxilliaire from College Boreal in 2018. The drive to support clients brought her to the certification of Live and Dried Blood Microscopy and Holistic Nutritionist. She continues working towards her Doctorate in Holistic Medicine. 

Amanda has learned through personal experience, family members, and clinical experience that the body will surprise you. When identifying a source, symptom, or trigger, Amanda looks at the body holistically through microscopy, nutrition and medically. This unique combination of educational backgrounds provides a vast area of support, information and education for the clients. 

A Live and Dried Blood Analyst has the ability and knowledge to interpret the characteristics of your cells and make recommendations for improvements. This service is used with the intention to distinguish the differences between a healthy and unhealth cell and what would that mean to your body. It is used in a preventative and reactive resource showing you priorities for your health and how to improve. 

What can you see in the blood? 

All Organ Health, all types hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies/excess, digestive health, source of brain fog, reasons for inability to lose weight, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, stress levels, reproductive health, etc. Should you have a concern that was not listed, Amanda encourages you to reach out to discuss how Live and Dried Blood Analysis can help you with your goals and healing journey. 


  • Soins Infirmier Auxilliaire, College Boreal 
  • Holistic Nutrition, Edision Institute of Holistic Nutrition 
  • Live and Dried Blood Microscopy, Engaged Wellness


  • Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • Interpersonal Relationship Communication Certification 
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Certification 

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    Name:Amanda Scott

    Address: 6 William St. Parry Sound, ON
    Phone: 705.586.4256
    Speciality Live and Dried Blood Analyst Nurse
    Degree Nursing, Live and Dried Blood Microscopy, Holistic Nutritionist

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