Lash Artist

So lash lift. Boost your own natural Lashes with a semi permeant curl and black dye. Last approximately 6 to 8 weeks. 65$ 

Classic extensions. For those looking to add length to their Lashes, a classic set will be a 1:1 ratio of extension to lash. Creating a natural and attractive look. 90
 Hybrid extensions. For those looking to add noticeable length and volume. Creates a beautiful full lash line with alternating classic and volume Lashes. 110$ 
Volume extensions. For those looking to add a boldly beautiful volume to their Lashes. Volume extensions are at least a 3:1 or 5:1 extension to lash ratio and create a very glamorous and dramatic look. 130$ 
Mega extensions Big bold and beautiful. Mega volume brings the drama! Customizable and dark as can be. Soft yet full of texture. 140$ 
Microblading brows. Using the bold brows technique by phi academy. Creating the most natural, hyper realistic hair like strokes. Get your perfect brows today! 350$ 1 touch up included.



3 to 6 month microblading brow touch up  $100
6 to 12 month microblading brow touch up $200
Fill price is classic $45
Hybrid $55
Volume $65
Mega $75

Head Practitioner

Certified lash artist & microblade technician
Shelby Painter


Shelby made me feel great about my lashes! Thanks!

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