Get the support your deserve before, during and after your pregnancy. Make pregnancy, birth and parenting less overwhelming and more enjoyable with prenatal education, labour and birth support and postpartum helping hands. 


A birth doula is a trained professional who supports and guides an expecting mother and their partner through pregnancy, birth and immediate postpartum. A doula is not a medical professional, and does not take the place of a OBGYN, midwife or significant other. A doula is an important part of an expecting families support team, by grounding expecting parents ensuring they are making informed educated decisions for themselves and feel completely supported in their journey. The main goal of a doula is to make a mother feel safe, honoured, grounded, educated and comfortable- allowing the medical team to perform necessary tasks and also support the growing family . A doula makes sure you are aware of all of your options when it comes to your labour and birth, and support your every decision.


All the benefits of hiring a doula without inviting them into your birth space. Access education and unwavering support leading up to your birth. Attend two private education classes where all your questions can be answered and concerns will be addressed. Strengthen your relationship with your primary caregiver by asking the right questions and gain the confidence to advocate for yourself. During your prenatal period you have access to 24/7 support via phone, text and email. 


Not ready to completely cut ties with your doula? Dreaming of an extra set of hands around the house? Need someone to debrief with you after your birth? Unsure of resources available to your family in the community? I can help with all of those things, and many others. Tasks include, meal prep, preparing small meals or snacks, holding babe while you take care of yourself, assistance with pet care, watching older children allowing you time to bond with babe, light household tasks (dishes, sleeping, folding laundry), connection to community resources- anything that is dragging you down in your postpartum journey. Giving you the chance to catch your breath and feel a sense of ease. Nighttime shifts are also available. Sleep knowing your child is safe. I come at night allowing you to stay in your own bed at night. Get as much sleep as possible while I am present. Awake in the morning, well rested and knowing your to do list is a little less daunting. 

Half Leg & Bikini – $50

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Labour and Birth Doula

Initial Consult- meet your doula, become more familiar with services offered, have all your questions answered and sign your contract, should you choose to (no obligation)


Labour and Birth Doula Services- No matter when or how you give birth, give yourself and your family the gift of peace of mind. Unwavering support and unlimited education and information.   


Prenatal Support- All the benefits of hiring a doula without inviting me into your birth space. Access education and unwavering support leading up to your birth. 


Postpartum Support- That extra pair of hands every new parent dreams of. Someone to hold babe while you shower or sleep, someone to talk to and help completing household tasks. 


Additional Meetings- If you need an extra, in person meeting during your pregnancy or postpartum period to discuss anything on your mind. I’m there for you. 


Private Birth Plan Education- All the information you need to make informed decisions and to advocate for them when it comes to your birth plan and birth itself.


Private Comfort Measures Education- Hands on education for your and your support person. Learn comfort measures, non-medical ways to support your body through labour and birth and ways to advocate and prepare for an active birth. 



Head Practitioner

Certified Labour and Birth Doula (DTC)
Courtney Jenkins


Courtney is passionate about what she offers and works very hard to ensure your experience and the information you need is exactly as it should be.

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