Blood Analysis

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Session Details

  • My sessions a 1 hour and 15 minutes duration, when scheduled I also schedule an additional 15mins after the appointment for administration purposes. 
  • Initial appointments and follow ups are identical. Same title, duration and cost 
  • The title of the service is – Nutrition Consult using Live and Dried Blood Analysis 
  • The session is $100 with a $30 deposit.
  • Cancellation/reschedule notice requires 48hours to refund or reschedule the deposit. 
  • Services available in both FRENCH and ENGLISH

Instructions for Appointment

  • Prior to the analysis the client must fast for a minimum of 6 hours (no food or drinks, only plain clear water) Should you have any concerns about fasting please contact Amanda for next steps and best outcome. 
  • No injections, IV treatments, or vaccinations within 2 weeks of the appointment. Should you have any questions, concerns, or take regular injections (ie. insulin) Please contact Amanda for next steps and best outcome. 
  • Please take all by mouth medications, vitamins, and supplements as usual prior to the analysis with WATER ONLY. 

Service Description

During a session, a drop of blood is taken from your finger using a lancet. There are two types of samples taken, a Live blood sample and a dried blood Sample. Both are placed on a slide under a microscope. The Microscope is connected to a monitor for the client to see exactly what the analyst sees. The discussion continues and includes what is seen in the blood, goals of the client, concerns, questions, next steps, etc. Amanda is a large advocate for autonomy, advocacy and empowering the client to take control of their health journey and situation. When discussing next steps and recommendations, Amanda provides many options and directions to choose from including supplementation, nutrition changes, lifestyle changes, stress reductions, grounding strategies, and many more recommendations. 

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